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Marketers, Mickey Mouse, and Omni Orlando

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What The Data Says About Our Twitter & Facebook Assumptions


3 Content Marketing Questions Answered

Would you like access to data behind the online performance of 3.7 million companies? Sure, who wouldn’t? Jeanne Hopkins of HubSpot presented on Content Marketing for Inbound Lead Generation at Social Fresh Charlotte on last Tuesday. She shared tons of actionable lessons and stats from Website Grader’s database of 3.7 million companies....

The Shack Gets Social

You expect young tech startups and hip software companies to lead the way when it comes to social media. So it’s a nice surprise to see an exciting program coming from more established brands.. RadioShack, a 90-year-old retail brand, has been dusting off its image in big ways and its...

The Facebook Sessions: Are You Marketing to the 51%?

Justin Kistner’s Internet Week presentation, webtrend’s Facebook Sessions, focused on the facts and figures around Facebook marketing. He began by explaining that social media is the #1 online activity. He compared the rising growth of Facebook and Facebook activity to the declining visits to most corporate websites. Some of the examples...

A Likeable Surprise: 40 People Offered $500 and the Chance to Give

As part of Internet Week New York, Likeable Media launched its inaugural Likeable U: Class of 2011 conference on Wednesday. Likeable CEO Dave Kerpen took the stage to introduce Restaurant.com CEO Cary Chessick and the much anticipated “Surprise and Delight: How a Little Surprise Can Create a Lot of Delight” presentation. After...

You Don’t Have to Like ALL Your Facebook Fans

The latest update to Facebook Fan Pages includes the option to “unlike” a fan. This brings a sigh of relief for fan pages experiencing an influx of spam or inappropriate postings. Recall that in February, Facebook allowed fan pages to “like” other fan pages. This update allowed fan pages to...

Conan O’Brien Fills Our Newsfeeds

Last night Conan O’Brien live blogged his show on Facebook. He posted 96 new status updates to his 1.5 million Facebook fans. His posts garnered more likes and comments than usual, with some updates yielding as many as 1,590 likes and 736 comments. Building Brand Affinity Team Coco was able to build...