Unlocking The Morning Ritual

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I launched my first business when I was 11.

I spent the summer delivering lunch for $1 to all of my Mom’s friends.

Before Seamless and Postmates, there was me and my one-woman lunch delivery service.

My Mom, a small business owner, encouraged me with a folder of all the local restaurant menus she could find. I walked around the Main St. of our small town, and offered my delivery service to the shop owners.

No, I did not get rich that summer, but I felt the pride you feel from creating something out of nothing. Something you own.

I was psyched.

Years later I still craved that feeling. The entrepreneur’s high.

Since that summer many years ago, I’ve continued to forge my own path.

In the past 5 years I’ve worked at the top of the industry for big brands including one of the world’s leading PR agencies, Porter Novelli, and the number one global beauty brand, L’Oreal.

The Power of Rituals 

While I was working in the hectic world of New York agency life, I developed a simple morning ritual to stay healthy and energized.

I did not realize it at the time, but it was the early stages of Victory Rituals.

These simple rituals helped me stay focused—and land my dream job—but my first experience with Victory Rituals was short-lived.

After transitioning from agency to brand-side, I ended up sacrificing my rituals and observed a dramatic difference in my output and overall happiness. I quickly learned the true value of that simple morning ritual.

I knew it was important, but between 10pm conference calls, meetings, and 24/7 email, I barely had time to shop for my own groceries, let alone build a new and improved morning ritual for myself.

I had a cold for weeks and weeks that would not go away and I was tired all the time.

Abandoning my ritual only proved its true value.

It was clear I needed to re-assess my priorities and reset my lifestyle.

So I started with something simple.

I searched, each morning, for a quick, positive touchpoint—a message, an email, or an inspirational quote of some kind—to jumpstart my day.

If You Can’t Find It, Build It

After searching repeatedly, I became frustrated. These simple, helpful touchpoints were hard to find.

After coming up short again and again, I set out to build the content myself.

In 2013, I launched TASTEdaily, a daily email for bold women.

The mission was simple: Deliver inspiring, helpful emails in short snippets for the modern, mobile reader.

In less than two years, I built a community of thousands of readers and signed major brand partnerships.

I asked TASTEdaily readers about their challenges and goals. I listened and learned from them. They wanted to be inspired. They wanted to improve their health and overall wellness, and they wanted to grow their careers.

They wanted to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

Putting It All Together

I realized the community needed something bigger than an email.

We needed a formula. An adaptable routine.

It was time to take the next step.

It was time to expand the concept of TASTEdaily, the morning email, and create a holistic morning routine.

Why did I continue to focus on the morning?

Because the facts were clear… morning people enjoy a better life and that better life did not have to be so elusive.

I dove into the research.

I studied the science of habits and the rituals of successful business leaders. I researched structure and process across industries and cultures.

I studied traditional wellness programs and ancient systems of medicine. I earned my certification in yoga teacher training and studied plant-based nutrition at Cornell.

I distilled all of this research and applied my personal experience to create a simple but mighty morning ritual.

Everyone Needs A Victory 

Next, I needed a name.

To start with, I knew the word ritual was more significant to me than “routine.” Routine implies a series of actions that we repeat, while the word ritual holds a deeper meaning.

Rituals are powerful because they comes from a place of intention and belief.

It also speaks to my passion for eastern practices like yoga and Ayurveda.

Then I was reminded of something that had been in front of me the entire time.

My name, Nicole, is greek for “people’s victory.”

Things started coming together. I bought a domain and kept working.

A few weeks later, while at MisfitCon (a small yet mighty conference run by my friends AJ & Melissa Leon) I said the name out loud for the first time.

My blueprint for mastering your morning and elevating your life would be called Victory Rituals.

Move Fast And Break Things

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Being part of an innovative industry has taught me some of the most important lessons of my life:

  • Launch before you are ready (because you’ll never feel 100% ready).
  • Creativity doesn’t develop inside a vacuum. Put your ideas out into the world and make it real. Let people react to the first (second, third…) draft, regroup, and perfect it on the next round.

In the summer of 2014, I launched a private Victory Rituals beta program. I enlisted TASTEdaily readers to test it out and sought the advice of friends and fellow entrepreneurs. I tinkered and tweaked.

Even in those early days, the feedback was overwhelming. People were making big changes in their life based on Victory Rituals. It was working.

In the beginning of 2015, I launched the Victory Rituals Workshop and gave my first in-person presentation on the topic.

Here I am again, on the precipice of a new journey. Building something with my own hands. A little bit nervous, excited, and overflowing with ideas. 

Like most new businesses, mine was born out of necessity and passion.

I want to build a better morning and help others do the same.

I want to democratize the wisdom that highly successful leaders are passing on to their children, share the organizational practices only taught to people in  culinary school, and distribute insights from across industries and cultures for everyone to access.

Victory Rituals creates a foundation for your morning, so you can take on the day with clarity and confidence and close the day happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

Ask yourself…

Are you starting your day without any structure or process? Do you hate mornings because you’re always rushing and tired?

How does that impact your work, health, and relationships?

I can tell you it has a larger impact than we think. Beyond physical health.

It all starts with your Victory.

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