Razoo: Fewer Clicks To Support Your Charity

I recently joined forces with uber-do gooders on the Razoo Team and I’m excited to share their awesome Razoo Widget! The Razoo Widget allows you to donate with the easy of few clicks and you don’t even have to leave this page.

They’ve recently launched a Razoo campaign for all of the #zoogooders to promote a special cause. I’ve picked the Spoons Across America program because they are a source for children’s culinary education. I’m passionate about this program because it’s proactive by design and will help improve the eating habits of the next generation.

When people do not feel comfortable in their own skin, it hinders their entire life. In order to create a better tomorrow we have to invest in people today. I believe this program does exactly that.

We appreciate your support and donations. Also, please feel free to embed this widget on your page to promote the cause!

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