Thank You, Tracy Paye a.k.a. Miss-Organized

GrLoriACheungTracyPaye_6813_2x3_biggeratiTuesday thanks to Tracy Paye a.k.a. Miss-Organized (@missorganized)!  Tracy is the ‘Woman on a Mission’ who is helping women all over the country take control of their lives through organization.  Tracy offers clients actionable advice, and lasting results.

I approached Tracy with questions about re-organizing my overflowing home office, and divulged  frustrations I was having, including a hectic schedule with little time to address the issue.  I was hesitant to ask for help in this regard, but Tracy was very understanding.  I sent her a video of my workspace, and she immediately assessed my dilemma.  She explained that I needed to implement systems to keep myself organized.

Tracy’s first action item for me was to clear out my workspace.  She explained that not having clear space makes you feel stressed.  Tracy structured the organization process into manageable blocks of time, and achievable goals.  The end result was a completely revamped workspace, which has empowered me to take on more projects and achieve more of my professional goals.

Just speaking and emailing with Tracy was cathartic right from the beginning.  Tracy stated, “The reason it feels cathartic is because you are taking action.  Taking action on areas of your life that are impacting your quality of living brings a peaceful feeling with it.”

After going through the organization process with Tracy, my only regret is waiting so long to ask for assistance.  Having a systematically organized workspace is invaluable, and extends well beyond what you see on your desktop!

Thanks, Tracy!

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