The Facebook Sessions: Are You Marketing to the 51%?

Justin Kistner’s Internet Week presentation, webtrend’s Facebook Sessions, focused on the facts and figures around Facebook marketing. He began by explaining that social media is the #1 online activity. He compared the rising growth of Facebook and Facebook activity to the declining visits to most corporate websites.

Some of the examples cited from big consumer brands included Starbucks, with 1,800,000 monthly website visitors and 19,800,000 Facebook fans, and Oreo, with 290,000 monthly website visits and 16,900,000 Facebook fans.

Kistner added that 75% of Facebook Fan Page Likes are generated from ads and advises that brands should have a creative ad matrix. “Don’t just use one ad,” he said, but use a variety of ads to reach your target. Test and learn what works best.

Top Tweet

The top tweets from Kistner’s #FBsessions included a stat on the power of Facebook in comparison to all other social networking:

“52% of Americans are on social networks. 51% of Americans are on Facebook.” (Edison Research)

Some Facebook Facts

Kistner shared the following insights from a Facebook study:

• While like blocking does drive up likes, it also results in a 30-50% drop in views. So, page administrators should consider campaign goals before they like block.
• 98% of status updates do not get viewed in the newsfeed.
• Emotional or provocative stories generate 2-3x more clicks.
• Simple and easy questions generate 1.5-2x more clicks.

Kistner also touched on the various tools used to monitor campaigns. Many of us are likely familiar with Facebook page metrics and tab views like Google analytics tab metrics and site referral numbers. He added that webtrends measures Facebook API, tab metrics, site referral, Facebook parameters and ad conversions – all in one dashboard.


If you’d like to attend The Facebook Sessions, the half-day conference will be in Chicago on Tuesday June 14th and San Francisco on Thursday June 16th.

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