You Don’t Have to Like ALL Your Facebook Fans

The latest update to Facebook Fan Pages includes the option to “unlike” a fan. This brings a sigh of relief for fan pages experiencing an influx of spam or inappropriate postings. Recall that in February, Facebook allowed fan pages to “like” other fan pages. This update allowed fan pages to fully engage with other pages and include a select few as “featured” likes.

Why is This Important?


While connecting with other fan pages has many positive effects, it also resulted, for some, in unwanted content without the option to remove or ban the fan page. You were already able to ban fans, but you could not ban other fan pages. Also, you could not manage or “unban” fans that were reformed or accidentally blocked from a fan page.

This latest update brings with it power and responsibility. As a fan page, you’re actively building community and growing your fan base. “Unliking” or banning another fan page might not seem very social, but it can improve your capacity for engagement and allows you to filter.

In the Spirit of Social Media Transparency—Disclose Your Community Guidelines


Since it’s inevitable that a few posts here and there willnot adhere to your brand guidelines, you should disclose those guidelines. We’re taught to be transparent in social media and this is a great place to continue the tradition.

Create community guidelines and add it to your info page. Need inspiration? Check out Oreo Facebook Fan Page’s Rules of the Road. Set expectations and proceed to remove or ban as necessary.

Items To Consider For Fan Page Community Guidelines


Let fans know things like cursing, comments promoting competitors, vulgar language, disrespectful comments, overly self-promotional posts, and unhelpful/inaccurate posts are likely to be removed.

What else should fan pages disclose in community guidelines?

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